Business Partnership


Recruiting Partners

Here at BKK-Soft we are constantly looking to increase not only the number of experienced technology developers in our employ, but also the number and breadth of business partners with whom we collaborate. We are hoping to work together with software companies with a proven track record of success and history of high-level projects.

Our Characteristic Features

Over the years, we have undertaken highly-specialized software projects for a large number of customers in large and medium-sized enterprises, as well as in system integration firms. From intra-company systems at manufacturers to complex systems in finance, service and distribution systems, we can boast a number of achievements over a wide range of fields, achievements owing to our highly-experienced Chinese and Japanese development staff. The bulk of the system engineers and programmers here at BKK-Soft are Chinese graduates of technical fields related to information technology who have gained work experience and technical skills in China before coming to Japan.

The languages and operating systems we use are as follows:

Languages - Java, C, C++, ASP, CGI, SQL, XML, COBOL, control, etc.

Operating Systems - Unix, Linux, WinNT, Windows, universal operating systems, etc.

Recently we have seen a steady increase in project requests to our company, with projects related to open-systems seeing a particularly marked increase. To meet the additional expectations of our customers, as well as to strengthen our own internal systems, we are constantly looking to take on effective workers and team members, as well as young inexperienced workers, to help us grow as a company and continue to excel in the future.