Past System Development Projects

Price Comparison System

A system for dynamically referencing price changes by shop, item and genre.

Virtual Clothes-changing System

Equipped with virtual clothes-changing functionality, this app for a major Japanese apparel brand e-commerce site allows users to make use of coordination/community functionality through 2D graphical representations in a style share mechanism.

Bookstore Site Search System

An app for a large-scale bookstore website that lets customers buy and search for books by keyword and category, including foreign publications.

University Health Association Management Application System

A system designed for a university to manage students’ health stipends.

Ticket Site Search System

A web service for a large ticket sales company that allows users to search and buy tickets.

M1 Mobile Point-of-sale System

Distinguishing itself from conventional point-of-sale systems by its real-time functionality, this system offers a high level of transparency in the sales process, also giving users the choice of wireless functionality.

Company Intranet Search Engine System

This specially-designed search engine, customized from a Lucene Open Engine, not only allows full text search but also supports database indexing and search by criteria.