Past Development Projects

Below is a sample of some of the smartphone apps we have created or corrected for the Japanese domestic market.

Home Healthcare App

  • Date: May - June 2014
  • Device: Android tablet (7/12 in)

Specifically designed for in-home carers, this healthcare management tool gives graphical representation to values from measuring equipment, communicating data to medical institutions and family members through various media.

Road Service Vehicle Dispatch App

  • Date: August 2014
  • Devices: Android and iPhone

Road service arrangement app
Ensures a smooth response in the event of an emergency after transmission of on-site photo and vehicle registration details.

Foreign Exchange and Stock Information Browsing App

  • Date: September 2014
  • Devices: Android and iPhone

Equipped with the ability to save a set number of items, this foreign exchange and stock information app displays financial information through search with confirmation in realtime.