We offer the following services.

  • Offshore development
  • Smartphone App Development
  • Purchase and sale of recycled and antique products

Offshore development

Our employee does support about the development in a customer point.


The engineer with the specialized skill supports systems architecture and programming.


Our team develops the most suitable system to hear a request.

Construction, operational monitoring duties of the server

I support construction or maintenance, the monitoring of the server.

Other support

I support that I am in trouble such as Help Desk, translation.

Smartphone App Development

I started development of the smartphone application in the company in April, 2014.
I offer the service by the total from a design to operation.
It is available for a smartphone and a tablet, iPhone of Android, various devices including iPad.



Addition / Repair

Past results (partly)

Price comparison application

It is application for smartphones which read the bar code of the product, and check a price.

Concert Viewer
AR app.

I give a video and contents of the Web to an advertisement and expand the contents.

Purchase and sale of recycled and antique products

Established the Recycling Products Division in October 2017.
Recycle Shop Opened Operates a store that handles recycled products such as antiques and works of Antiques.
Currently, it is sold only on the Internet.